Our mission

 [ Unchained Athletics was created to aid those of all walks of life perform and feel like athletes ]

With the growing popularity of fitness and sport, we are fed so much information from too many different sources on how to look, eat and train like a famous athlete or celebrity. Too many times, young people are performing movement patterns incorrectly, and this is leading to the prevalence of injuries and chronic pain we see as a by-product. 


The belief of unchained athletics is that anybody regardless of age or gender can perform and move as fluid as an athlete



  • Mobility &Flexibility
  • Muscle Preparation 
  • Muscle Activision 
  • Postural Correction 

Strength Development

  • Strength Gain 
  • Lean Muscle Gain
  • Form & Technique Improvement 
  • Increase Lift Volume 

Athletic Development

  • Fat loss
  • Athletic & Strength Conditioning 
  • Meal Management
  • Body Composition Improvement




We offer preseason sport preparation clinics that will assist players improve their game. Many leagues focus on just playing the sport, but a large percentage of their players want to improve their ability and don't know where to start . By focusing on specific techniques and movements of the respected sport we are able to assist all athletes reach their peak performance as a team. 

Our sessions will contain the following components.

  • Injury Prevention
  • Strength Development 
  • Speed, Power and Agility 
  • Sport Specific Conditioning 

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  • Aren't ready to commit to a program on your own?
  • Have a friend or teammate looking to start on a program to achieve your fitness aspirations? 
  • Our two on one sessions are designed to help both of you achieve your goals in a competitive yet motivating manner. 


Get out of your three piece and get into your shorts and runners. Unchained Athletics offers team building and leadership inducing classes that will not only motivate a more social work environment but also something to talk about with your neighbour in the office.

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Erika Downey

Erika specializes in postural/muscle imbalance correction, weight lifting, female strength training and sport strength conditioning. She empowers her clients to achieve results beyond their expectations by continuously challenging and motivating them.


Eddy bucardo 

Eddy believes that human beings were made to move. With a background in athletic therapy, exercise physiology, and personal training, Eddy’s mantra is: with training, treatment and execution of proper technique, anyone regardless of age, can train like an athlete.


Aaron Wong

Aaron's passion for fitness and athletics have been an integral part of his life. He enjoys helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. Aaron has been working in the sport and health field for three years, helping people achieve and surpass their personal goals.


Allison Baker

With a strong desire to live a healthy and well balanced lifestyle, Alli has found a passion for sharing her knowledge and experience with others. Growing up playing a variety of sports (basketball, volleyball, soccer and track), Alli has experienced both being mentored and being the mentor.

When the student is ready, the master will come-even if he is half your age and could, literally, be your son. Such was my encounter in January of 2013 when I walked into the King West Club and requested a personal trainer to help me get back into shape. Enter Eduardo Bucardo-Cordero. Twenty-one years old (at the time), focused, confident, passionate and, as I quickly came to discover, highly competent. I know about bodies and how they should work. Twenty years dancing professionally and a record-breaking, high school hurdles champion-I know what it means to be in shape. Eddy knows more.
— Cassel Miles

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