The belief of unchained athletics is that anybody regardless of age or gender can perform and move as fluid as an athlete.

By utilizing an in depth assessment protocol we can determine underlying "needs" that must be corrected. These are definite factors in the lack and delay of our members "wants". By improving and correcting these inconsistencies at their very core can we work together to develop an individualized periodization program that will target the following components.



By utilizing a specific and very organized assessment protocol, we are able to address postural and muscular skeletal imbalances. Along with this assessment, clientele will not only be learning about their own body, but they will also be educated on what exact muscles are not properly firing and during what movement. We believe that, if one piece of a machine is not working properly, the rest of the machine will not operate efficiently. From this assessment we can gather the proper information to be able to create a very specific and specialized corrective program that will repair any, if not all, imbalances. Whether it is strengthening a single muscle, increasing range of motion or mobility of a joint, the briefest amount of time spent correcting an imbalance will greatly improve results going forward.

  • Mobility & Flexibility 
  • Muscle Preparation 
  • Muscle Activation 
  • Postural Correction 

Strength development

Our strength programs are formulated to fit to anyone of any level of expertise. Starting with the fundamentals of basic yet frequently ill performed lifts which are very effective once the movements are perfected. By breaking down each movement to the specific muscles we guarantee that increases in strength and power will be apparent within the first month. By creating a specific program to aid your weaknesses in each lift we are able to speed up the increase of volume. All of this will help you achieve any goal you desire by giving a strong and efficient foundation for any form of training onward.

  • Strength Gain 
  • Lean Muscle Gain
  • Form & Technique Improvement 
  • Increase Lift Volume 


Athletic Development

Having an athletic and competitive state of mind does not just help with your constant battle between you and yourself. It sets discipline and routine to your everyday life, especially in your career. When we think "athlete" we think strong, capable, lean and confident. All of our coaches come from an athletic background and have all needed to shred down to their peak physique and low body fat to perform at their very best. By using various methods of strength conditioning from our respective sports we are able to engineer a program that will compliment and aid with your desired feel and look.

  • Fat loss
  • Athletic & Strength Conditioning 
  • Meal Management
  • Body Composition Improvement

additional Services

Sport Specific Clinics:

We offer preseason sport preparation clinics that will assist players improve their game. Many leagues focus on just playing the sport, but a large percentage of their players want to improve their ability and don't know where to start . 

By focusing on specific techniques and movements of the respected sport we are able to assist all athletes reach their peak performance as a team. 

Our sessions will contain the following components.

  • Injury Prevention
  • Strength Development 
  • Speed, Power and Agility 
  • Sport Specific Conditioning 

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2 on 1 personal training sessions:

Aren't ready to commit to a program on your own?

Have a friend or teammate looking to start on a program to achieve your fitness aspirations? 

Our two on one sessions are designed to help both of you achieve your goals in a competitive yet motivating manner. 

Corporate Group Packages:

Get out of your three piece and get into your shorts and runners. Unchained Athletics offers team building and leadership inducing classes that will motivate a more social work environment while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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