Eddy Bucardo

Eddy Bucardo has been my Personal Trainer for the last 1 1/2 year. When I started with Eddy I was in the worst shape of my life. I had lost about 15 pounds and had no stamina to speak of. My knees were in such pain that it was difficult to walk.

Eddy devised a tailored flexible work out and rehab plans. First we strengthened my legs and created a foundation with both flexibility and range of motion, then a full body work out that pushed me to my limits, and now I am able to do the same intensity of work of someone half my age. To date I have gained over 5 pounds of muscle. I also have more stamina and also gained some strength (I can chin up my own weight, which I couldn’t do when we began).

Thanks Eddy! Looking forward to gaining the next 5 pounds.
— Guy Gulatier

They Call Him The Flash

When the student is ready, the master will come-even if he is half your age and could, literally, be your son. Such was my encounter in January of 2013 when I walked into the King West Club and requested a personal trainer to help me get back into shape.
Enter Eduardo Bucardo-Cordero. Twenty-one years old (at the time), focused, confident, passionate and, as I quickly came to discover, highly competent.

I know about bodies and how they should work. Twenty years dancing professionally and a record-breaking, high school hurdles champion-I know what it means to be in shape. Eddy knows more.
He is a good person with a positive attitude, who is VERY passionate about what he does. That kind of passion is infectious. You want that kind of support on your side. Trust him, as I did, and you will see and feel noticeable results.
— Cassel Miles

I started training with Eddy about 1.5 years ago and was really impressed with his technical training skills and attention to detail. He would concentrate on ensuring that the form was executed perfectly to avoid injury and get the maximum results from each exercise.

What separates Eddy from the rest of the trainers I’ve trained with is his genuine care for tailoring a program for your individual needs so that your goals are achieved. Aside from his solid technical background and genuine care for your success Eddy ensures that no workout is ever the same keeping the workouts fun and challenging!

My primary training regimens included boxing, strength and agility training for soccer, muscle building and fat loss. Eddy’s vast knowledge across a wide variety of sporting domains is what separates him from all other personal trainers.

I would highly recommend Eddy to anyone who wants to get fit and challenge themselves to achieve the best shape of their life!
— Michael Shkrab

This letter is in reference to Eddy Bucardo and his work as a personal trainer.
Don’t mistake Eddy’s personable and laid-back personality for a pushover. He will drive you as hard as a Navy Seal drill sergeant with his unique and challenging exercises and will be just as proud as you are with your accomplishment and fitness improvements. His workouts are carefully scrutinized, always varied and creative – leaving me at times sore but always anxious for our next session. In seeking out Eddy, I was looking for an expert who would not only help me achieve my fitness goals but someone who would carefully document my progress during each session. Though many trainers exist, they’re not as well organized or committed to their clients’ success. If you are someone who competes to achieve gains in strength and overall fitness, Eddy’s notes are so extensive that he can give specifics on various performance metrics for each session. Finally, if you’re looking for a supportive way to achieve your fitness goals and stick with it for the long term, I’d highly recommend training with Eddy Bucardo. He is a gentleman, knowledgeable and skilled and I recommend him highly without any reservations.
— Tom Arhontoudis, MA, PhD

I have found Eddy to be a fantastic trainer.
Not only does he put you through your paces but he is very creative. This ranges from having me lift jugs full of water, doing running back style metabolic and isometric training, and deadlifting chains.
He is also very insightful not just in how training techniques affect different muscles but also with nutrition. He even introduced me to a beta alamine supplement that reduced muscle fatigue during my two-a-day training week.
In summary, I would highly recommend him.
— Richard Adair President, Symbility Health Inc.

Erika Downey

When I met Erika, I was overweight, out-of-shape, and desperate to change how I looked and felt. She took the time to learn where I was, understand what I wanted to accomplish, and figure out the best way to get me there. And always with an encouraging and positive attitude. Erika designed a comprehensive programme that first established a strong foundation, and then proceeded to address all aspects of physical fitness, incorporating strength, balance, endurance, and flexibility.

Her dedication to me and relentless encouragement were truly remarkable. Today, I am the strongest, most athletic that I’ve ever been in my life, and I’ve never felt or looked better! Erika’s extensive knowledge-base and passion for getting the most out of fitness make her an absolute joy work with! If you are willing to put in the time and effort, then Erika will be right there with you, helping to get it done, every step of the way!
— Dan S

I never considered getting a personal trainer until my best friend became one. Because Erika knows me so well, she knew when to push me, and knew exactly what I was looking to gain. That along with her knowledge and fitness expertise made my training experience very unique. Training with Erika is insanely fun! She has an energetic, motivating, goofy and a caring personality that is contagious. I love that she pushed me to finish every set even if it meant going down to a lighter weight.

Giving up was not an option! Her scheduling availability is very flexible and she’s willing to meet you at various locations which made working out with my busy schedule very manageable. I’ve learned so much about how to workout, what my body needs and I became more comfortable with gym equipment. These are things that I carry with my now when I go to the gym on my own, that I would have never acquired without my time training with Erika.
Thank you Erika for being so inspiring and motivating!!!
— Nikki A

I started working with Erika in spring 2015, after back injury. Her patience and dedication helped me make huge improvement especially with strengthening core muscles and range of motion. Not changing personal trainer any time soon.

— Edmir P