[ Unchained Athletics was created to aid those of all walks of life perform and feel like athletes ]

With the growing popularity of fitness and sport, we are fed so much information from too many different sources on how to look, eat and train like a famous athlete or celebrity. Too many times, young people are performing movement patterns incorrectly, and this is leading to the prevalence of injuries and chronic pain we see as a by-product. 

The rush of information that resources like the internet can provide, can further add to this problem by causing confusion and loss of morale. Parallel to this is the influx of the elderly population increasing and striving to maintain and boost their longevity with little to no experience or knowledge on anything health and fitness related.

Both of these parties are oblivious to how vulnerable they are, which can potentially lead them to injury and possible impairments. One cannot simply walk into a health facility without any athletic or weightlifting experience and lift weights the way they’re shown on television or in a magazine. Without complete understanding of one’s inabilities and weaknesses, an individual cannot begin to look and perform daily activities and movements fluidly, without pain, and in complete control of his body.

By starting from the ground up, and by creating a proper foundation for clients using the collective knowledge, athletic / clinical experience and designations of our professionals, we guarantee that anyone regardless of age and gender can unchain their inner athlete.